Hi, I'm Bianca! I am passionate about helping people become unapologetic about their desires, so they can create businesses that allow them to live the life of their dreams.

Does that sound good to you? Great! You're in the right place.

Not that long ago I was miserable and tired. I used to get physically ill every Sunday night because I knew it was the beginning of another week of working 7 days straight. I was exhausted from working my 9-5, then running to a part- time job in the evenings. I didn't even have the weekends to relax because I worked then, too.  I didn't mind working hard, but working three jobs just to pay the bills wasn't exactly what I thought a college degree would bring.

Something had to change and FAST.

I knew I was good at different things but I didn't know what would bring the money in, so I started searching. I jumped into this & that, never really finding anything that felt right for me.

Until I took a good look at what my strengths were and how I could make money from them. At 22-years old, my first business was born. I was bit by the entrepreneurial bug, since then I have had two other businesses. All while working a full time job.

I know what it’s like to feel unfulfilled by the daily routine. To be on a quest for MORE.



Why Work With Me?

I am a Success Strategist with a proven track record of developing strategies to help aspiring entrepreneurs launch profitable businesses. My background in the legal field has provided me with the expertise to advise you on the appropriate legal structures and documents you must have in place to protect your business.

My experience as an entrepreneur in different industries both on and off the internet has provided me with a wealth of knowledge on business strategy, marketing and self mastery. My Masters Degree in Organizational Development only adds to the knowledge I have to help you.

The end result of our time together is a business you love and amazing growth in your personal and professional life.